"In wildness is the preservation of the world." -H.D. Thoreau

Why eat from the wild? The answer is obvious to anyone who has felt the emotional uplift from the weight of a basket brimming with morel mushrooms, the earthy-sweet scent of digging Sassafras roots, or the heavy pulsing of a fish testing the limits of your fly rod.
There are a million reasons to eat wild, to get dirty, to taste fresh food. It is here where we connect to the Earth, our Ancestral past, immediate present and hope for a healthy future...

"Nothing else can build such awareness as surely and powerfully as practicing the ancient ecological art of humankind - foraging. It is not observation of, but rather participation in the phenomena of Nature that brings us to our greatest understanding of our place in the mosaic of life."
-Samuel Thayer The Forager's Harvest

Foraging in the Tip of the Mitten!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Full Moon Feasts: The Hot Moon

 May 20th - June 18th

With the rising heat comes the laziness of summer, and I'm particularly vulnerable to the current lunation, known to some cultures as the Hot Moon. I am a product of the North, of Birch trees and skis; woolen sweaters, wind and cold waves. In other words, I don't do well in the heat. The thick air is oppressive to my movements and I find myself uninspired to do much except drink ice tea, hide from the sun, and avoid anything that resembles work. I tend to linger a little longer in the walk-in beer coolers, telling myself that I'm indecisive even though I know I'm just going to buy Pabst. So yeah, I'm giving excuses for my procrastination on this last moon post.

There is little that can get me out of the shade for any length of time when the temps push the high 80's. But I do make an exception. In a few days I'll be heading down to the Muskegon River in Big Rapids, Michigan to meet up with friends and harvest one of my all time favorite greens: Nettles! If you've never eaten this wonderful herb I highly encourage you to get out there and find a patch. I'm traveling so far for such an ubiquitous herb because the patch we found last year was immense enough to harvest a year's supply in a day or so. So I'm packing the cooler and will haul Nettles back to be processed into soup and pesto! For more information on Nettles, including recipes and nutritional information, you can check out my latest article in Edible Grand Traverse Magazine here:


Hope you enjoy it!

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