"In wildness is the preservation of the world." -H.D. Thoreau

Why eat from the wild? The answer is obvious to anyone who has felt the emotional uplift from the weight of a basket brimming with morel mushrooms, the earthy-sweet scent of digging Sassafras roots, or the heavy pulsing of a fish testing the limits of your fly rod.
There are a million reasons to eat wild, to get dirty, to taste fresh food. It is here where we connect to the Earth, our Ancestral past, immediate present and hope for a healthy future...

"Nothing else can build such awareness as surely and powerfully as practicing the ancient ecological art of humankind - foraging. It is not observation of, but rather participation in the phenomena of Nature that brings us to our greatest understanding of our place in the mosaic of life."
-Samuel Thayer The Forager's Harvest

Foraging in the Tip of the Mitten!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Springtime Foraging Forays!

Foraging Forays, Spring 2011

Saturday April 23rd, 3pm: Wild Parsnip Diggin’
Few know that the invasive bane of habitat restorers is the exact same plant that you buy in the store! Bring a shovel to harvest this delicious root veggie and help preserve native wildflowers. FREE

Saturday, May 7th, 12pm: Potluck and Wild Edibles Hike
The potluck starts at 12pm. Bring a dish to pass if you can, but feel free to attend with a dish or without. The program begins at 1 pm with a hike on the Wagbo property to locate wild edibles! Learn to identify, harvest, and prepare springtime fare. We will also provide recipes to turn your harvest to a tasty dish! FREE.

Sunday May 8th, 10am to 12pm: 3rd Annual Mothers Day Morel Hunt with ISLAND. Suggested donation of $5-10.
Come take a walk and learn about wild edible plants and spring mushrooms. We will cover what habitat to look for and identification of wild plants and mushrooms. Please remember to dress for the weather, wear hiking footwear, and bring a basket. Stick around to learn how to pickle leeks and preserve morels at a workshop to follow!

Sunday, May 8th, 1pm to 2:30pm: Wild Leek Pickling Workshop with ISLAND. $5-$10 materials fee.
There are many ways to preserve morels and leeks. We will cover how to dry and freeze morels, and how to dry, freeze, and pickle wild leeks. Each participant will take home one half pint jar of pickled leeks. If you didn’t attend the walk, that’s okay! Anyone can attend the workshop.

Saturday May 28th, 4pm: From Pest to Pesto
Garlic Mustard ID, harvest and preparation at Raven’s Roost Farm in Bellaire. Learn to identify this invasive weed, help clear it from the forest and learn how to prepare it for the table. FREE. From Pest to Pesto has been CANCELLED. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please keep in touch for future WEEDS events.

Saturday June 18th, 5pm: Canoe For Cattails
Bring your own canoe as we float the Jordan River downstream from Rogers Road in search of the edible flower spikes of the wonderful Cattail. Float will end with a potluck at Sportman's Park. FREE.